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Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Introduction & Design Thinking Skills

1.       Course Introduction

2.       Three Innovation Challenges

a.       How to submit your TWO ideas

b.      Three Innovation Challenges

c.       Examples of three innovations Challenges – NEST

d.      Examples of three innovations Challenges – AIRBNB

e.      Airbnb story

f.        Examples of three innovations Challenges – Apple

g.       Introduction to Assignment 1.3


Design Thinking Skills

1.       Design Thinking Skills and IDEO Case

a.       Design Thinking Skills

b.      IDEO Video Case Introduction

c.       IDEO 1.4 Assignment Setup

2.       IDEO Case Debrief

a.       IDEO Debrief/ Wrap-up – Explore, Create, Organzation, Culture

b.      IDEO Debrief/ Wrap-up – Create

c.       IDEO Debrief/ Wrap-up – Organzation & Culture

d.      IDEO Debrief/ Wrap-up – Summary

e.      IDEO’s Systematic Innovation Process

3.       How to rate ideas?

Identifying Customer Needs

1.       Introduction

a.       Instructions for Completing the Team Project Assignment

b.      Examples

2.       Product Development Process

a.       Product Development Process

3.       Concept Development

a.       Concept Development Process

b.      Concept Development Process-Three Aspects

c.       User Innovation Example

d.      Introduction to Assignment 2.1

4.       Customer Needs

a.       Customer Needs and Markets

b.      Lead User Example – Utility Light Study

c.       How Many Customers Do You Need to Talk To?

d.      Latent Needs

e.      Introduction to Assignment 2.2

f.        Customer Needs Analysis Process Steps – NEST

g.       Five Guidelines for Writing Need Statements

5.       Team Assignment Set up

Applied Creativity: Product Concept Generation

1.       Module 3 Introduction

2.       Concept Generation Process-Introduction

a.       Concept Generation Process

b.      Invention, Innovation and Creativity

3.       Examples

a.       YCC Concept Car

b.      Great Ideas, Thomas Edison

c.       Steve Jobs Mobile App Question

d.      Debriefing of Steve Job Quote

4.       Brainstorming

a.       Brainstorming Common Rules and Setting it up

b.      Research on Brainstorming and Creativity & Concept Sketches and Sketch Modeling

c.       Individual + Group Activity

5.       Concept Generation Process

a.       Concept Generation Process

b.      Power Nailer

c.       External and Internal Search – Brainstorming

d.      Systematic Exploration

e.      Concept Generation Example

f.        Concept or Down Selection

6.       Introduction to Team Assignment

Design of Services and Customer Experience

1.       Introduction to Module 4

a.       Module Overview and Difference between Good and Services

2.       Innovation in Services

b.      Services and Three Innovation Challenges and Product Development Process

c.       Bank of America Services Innovation

3.       Service Experience Cycle

d.      Services Experience Cycles and Movie Theatre Example

e.      Assignment Setup

f.        Assignment Debrief

g.       Services Experience Cycle – Zipcar

4.       Product-Service System

5.       Team Assignment Set up

Financial Analysis

1.       Introduction Product Development Economics (NPV and Nespresso)

a.       Introduction to Product Development Economics

b.      Thought Experiment and Product Development Cash Flow

c.       Q’s to Answer with PD Project Financial Marketing

d.      PD Project Financial Modelling

e.      Recap of What NPV is and Nespresso Example

2.       Nespresso Example

a.       Nespresso Example – An Introduction

b.      Nespresso Example – The numbers for Machines and Capsules

c.       Nespresso Example – Model Uncertainty

d.      Spreadsheet Modelling

e.      Introduction to Assignment

f.        Answer to the Assignment

g.       Net Present Value

3.       Team Assignment Set Up

Design for Environmental Sustainability

1.       Introduction to Design for Environment and Examples

a.       Introduction to Design for Environment

b.      NCIS Story with NCIS Video and NCIS Clip

c.       Three Examples – Wellington Boots, Frietag Bags, Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

d.      Environmental Impacts – Design for Environment

e.      Design For Environment

2.       Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

a.       Life Cycle Assessment

b.      LCA

3.       Two Life Cycles and Environmental Impacts

a.       Two Lifecycles

b.      Assignment Setup

c.       Assignment Debrief with Sample Answers

d.      Product Development Process and DFE

4.       The Herman Miller Story

a.       The Herman Miller Story – The Company Journey Part 1

b.      The Herman Miller Story – The Company Journey Part 2

c.       The Herman Miller Story – The Chair Part 1

d.      The Herman Miller Story – The Chair Part 2

e.      The Herman Miller Story – DFE Assessment Method

5.       Conclusion: Design for Environment (DFE)

a.       Four Simple DFE Rules and Final Message

b.      Set-up how to apply DFE Ideas to Your Project Idea