Why Ez Shopmate?

EZ ShopMate is B2C e-commerce platform powered by ISF Analytica and Informatica where product and services are provided to the end customers online.

  • Hassle free integrated buying and selling platform.
  • Dynamic and varied shop customization options.
  • User-friendly interactive interface.
  • Custom models made to improve visitor retention and traction.
  • Integrated order tracking, sales management, invoicing, feedback and other business tools.
  • Custom Dashboards for owner, manager, delivery and customer care executives.

About Ez ShopMate

1.Minimum customer attrition to another brand

2.Increased ROI on Marketing and SEO activities

3. Tailor Built for maximum user retention and interaction

4.Customize it the way you like

5. Add more to your business on the same platform

6.Collaborate and grow with other businesses on your platform