NotesBuddy allows users to collaborate on ideas based on the notes created, do brainstorming, white boarding and a detailed need analysis. The team can then draw out the product life cycle, the customer experience cycle, the financial modelling, etc. NotesBuddy makes it easy for penning down the pitch deck for any project in its early stage as well as help in the mentoring process for the team’s mentor.


MentorBox is a next inline product of NotesBuddy, a product of ISF Analystica & Informatica Pvt. Ltd. MentorBox is a shrewdly crafted application with a set of connected plugins that enable its users to get the mentoring process done at ease. All the plugins chosen to build the application has a direct co-relationship to each other input to output respectively. The plugins associated with this application aims at seamless management of the mentoring process.


Pitching is one of the most important and sometimes the most challenging element of the fund-raising process. It has been seen that most pitches fail not because of the underlying idea but because of the perception created by the prospective investor due the inability of the promoter’s presentation in a particular style and format.

Time constraint to present a pitch deck is a major factor in the failure. When one tries to pack a lot of information in the short pitch presentation, he fails to communicate the right message to the prospective investor. It has been found that if the process of pitching and the pitch deck itself is tailored in a proper method, the success rate of acceptance goes up.

A pitchdeck is a culmination of pre-work done through the mentoring process wherein the mentor trains the promoter to create the basic necessary and essential documentation to support the pitch.

Startup Exchange

Startup exchange, the next in line in the suite of module of ISF Analytica & Informatica Pvt. Ltd., enables the most important feature; the match making process between promoters and investors which is dependent on:-

  1. Sector matching
  2. Quantum of fund required versus the investors risk appetite
  3. Nature & type of funding like Seed, Angel, Venture Capital or Private Equity and respective series
  4. Valuation of the project
  5. Quantum of equity that would be diluted
  6. Duration of the fund requirement
  7. Exit strategy for the investor
  8. Risk Factors and mitigation strategy

Once a set of matches are shortlisted, the Startup Exchange comes out for the promoters with a probable list of investors and for the investors it shows a probable list of projects that they may like to invest.