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Learning Management System

  • Create Groups
  • Class Websites
  • Online Assignments
  • Online Submission of Assignments
  • Post Videos
  • Post Documents
  • Post Content
  • Questions and Answers
  • Collaboration
  • Academic and Events Calendars
  • Quiz
  • Question Bank
  • File Lockers for faculty
  • Student Portal
  • Teacher Portal

Admission and Registration

Management of admission procedure, admission form collection, listing and admitting student is a lengthy process in manual system. Management of admission procedure, admission form collection, listing and admitting student is done with the help of single data entry in the centralized database.

EasyLearn provides capture of information on –

  • Number of Seats wise Registrations
  • Date Wise Registrations (Start Date & End  Date of Registration & Form Submission)
  • Age Cut off date wise Registrations
  • Class Wise Registrations
  • Admission Documents (Admissions  Announcements, Steps to fill form)
  • Admission No Pattern (Year wise, Month wise)
  • Receipt No Pattern (Year wise, Month wise)
  • Online & Offline Registrations
  • Registration Public Page & School Website  Integration
  • Email Notifications (Welcome Emails, Admission Invite Emails, etc..)
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Different type of Applications forms (Single  One Page form, multiple tabs)
  • Online Application form Submission
  • Registrations & Transport Integration
  • Registrations & Fee Integration
  • Multiples Levels of form status (Form Incomplete, Form Submitted,  Admission Invite, etc..)
  • Admission Allocation & Dropout Process

Student Management

  1. Maintains student record such as students address, personal, family details etc
  2. Capture student health and medical record
  3. Captures siblings details
  4. Configure Transfer Certificate
  5. Records historical data of all the previous academic years
  6. Configure Roll Number pattern
  7. Configure Character Certificate
  8. Configure Student Id Card
  9. Can store all student documents

Student Attendance

  1. Teacher can mark daily attendance
  2. Schedule daily attendance report on email
  3. Sends notification to parent and to administrator if the student is  consecutively absent for 3 days or more  (SMS and Email both)
  4. Send monthly attendance report to parentson their email id
  5. Student Sorting order based on Roll  Number ,User Name, Admission number
  6. Attendance can be marked subject wise or  class wise
  7. Flexibility to define the attendance Legends
  8. Attendance Dashboard Class wise
  9. Daily Attendance Report
  10. Daily Absentees Report
  11. Student Attendance Report
  12. Attendance Timestamp Report

Exams & Assessments

  • Supports Evaluation both Term wise and session wise
  • Teacher can assess single student or entire class at a time
  • Support different type of weight age as per calculation logic for each subjects
  • Support different type of weight age as per calculation logic for each subjects
  • Support Different type of grade scale for each area scholastic and co scholastic area
  • Support all Type of Calculation Logic e.g. Rounding off logics, Percentage logics
  • Support all type of cases e.g. If Student is absent in any subject then total of subject won’t  be calculate etc.
  • Integrates report card with digital signature
  • Integrates report card with attendance

Fee Management

  1. Multiple Currency Management
  2. Fee Concession Engine (Staff ,Sibling  etc..)
  3. Fee Fine Engine (Late fine, Fee  Defaulter fine etc..)
  4. Multiple Payment Mode (Cash, Cheque, DD, etc…)
  5. Multiple Banks Name for Collection
  6. Fee Adjustment, Fee Refund
  7. Separated Bus Fee Collection
  8. Separated Collection for Caution Money
  9. Fee Integration with Transport and  Accounting
  10. Online & Offline Fee Collection
  11. Payment Gateway Integration
  12. Cheque Bounced Functionality with fine  charges

Staff Management

  1. Maintaining Database of all the Teaching & Non-teaching staff such as Full  family details, employment details etc
  2. Maintain Healthcare record, Interests, Achievements, Designation and  contact details
  3. Can store all staff documents such as Education Certificates, experience
  4. certificates
  5. Maintain all Disciplinary record, verification status etc
  6. Total service details and other information.

Leave Management

  1. Supporting all Type Leaves
  2. Supporting Employees Attendance (Teaching & Non Teaching wise)
  3. Supporting Employees working Hours (Teaching & Non Teaching wise)
  4. Leave & Payroll Integration
  5. Leave & Biometric Integration

Leave Specific Reports

  1. Leave Balance
  2. Absentee Report
  3. Employee Attendance per Day
  4. Consolidated Employee  Attendance
  5. Attendance Counts
  6. Attendance Percentage
  7. Employees On Leave
  8. Employee Working Hours
  9. Employee Time Sheet
  10. Employee Trade & OD Report
  11. Employee Leave Report

Financial Accounting

  • User can easily create group ledgers &  ledgers in Tree View and Grid View of  Ledgers
  • Cost Centre Management
  • Freeze/Unfreeze Financial Years Custom  Voucher Numbers
  • User can define a Password for the all kinds  of PDF reports.
  • Maintain Bill-wise Details
  • Rights Management
  • Cheque Book Register
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Fixed Deposit Register
  • Consolidated reports such as Balance  Sheet, Income & Expenditure, Trial Balance  and Comparative Reports to user.
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Integration with Fee Management and  Payroll
  • We provide all kinds of reports to user
  • An enterprise account enables users to  view reports across all their institutions as  well as view the applications the way one  of their institution users would see it so  that they can experience the same.

Transport Management

  • Vehicle Stop report
  • Vehicle master report
  • Route master report
  • Vehicle student list report
  • Annual vehicle status report
  • Vehicle status summary report
  • Vehicle income report
  • Vehicle expanses report
  • Vehicle profile report
  • Vehicle name report
  • Vehicle document expiry
  • Vehicle Withdrawal report
  • Vehicle data report
  • Driver/Conductor data report
  • Bus user’s report
  • All routes schedule report
  • Transport report
  • Shift wise report

Parent Portal & Mobile Apps

  • SMS gateway Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Messaging Platform
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Mobile app – IOS and Android