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FortiMates is a product of ISF Analytica & Informatica. A secure mailing system which verifies its users and avoids spammers and threats to your Email Account.

Security has been a major issue since E-mail ID is used for registration on various platforms. Email-Ids are linked to Bank Accounts, Social Security Passwords, Net Banking which involves Money and any cyber theft through such accounts will lead to unbearable losses.

FortiMates is an approach to secure one’s identity by providing double level verification system of both fingerprint Scan and face recognition powered by AI which validates the user’s account and thus avoids misuse of identity & fraudulent emails.

Fraudulent emails are reduced as FortiMates checks the content of the mail using AI technology.

It’s time to secure our identities.

Why FortiMates?

  • Online services are used to conduct  fraudulent solicitations & transactions.
  • Internet fraud can be committed in email, websites, chat rooms, Message board etc.
  • Mail segregation and prioritization is a key issue in today’s world where time is the essence of high productivity and performance.


  • FortiMates is a verified ID mailing system that validates the identity of sender of the email.
  • FortiMates tackles fraudulent emails and make email trustworthy once again.
  • FortiMates makes sure of sender’s credentials as long as sender is a FortiMates client!
  • FortiMates gives Automated and Secure Email Solution, Email Analytics – Prioritization,  Extraction, Auto-Answering with NLG

FortiMates is a next inline product of ISF Analytica & Informatica Pvt. Ltd. ISF believes in innovation and we find new ways to find solution to problems faced by the community.

E-mail Id which is used in so many platforms for registration is an easy medium to conduct fraudulent solicitations, transactions as scam emails & Fraudulent emails. This all leads us to only one question. Are our Email Id safe? Rest easy because FortiMates protects your email from any sort of breach. We value our customer’s privacy and protecting it is our priority.

FortiMates verifies the origin of an email as long as sender is a registered and verified user. This creates a legally binding obligation.

FortiMates has the following key features:

 Face Verification

 Fingerprint Verification

 QR code scan

 Document Verification

 Address Verification

 Content Verification

What is FortiMates?

How does FortiMates work?

  • FortiMates verifies the origin of the sender through a QR code which display the sender’s identity to the receiver. The receiver can know the sender’s details as long as he is a registered and verified user. This creates a legally binding obligation.For the Implementation of the same, FortiMates has the following key features:
    1. Face Verification
    2. Document Verification
    3. Address Verification
    4. Consent Verification

    FortiMates gives a clear dashboard on:

    1. Segregated & Summarized
    2. Prioritize
    3. Email Analytics & Metrics
    4. Visual Dashboard – Snapshot View
    5. NLG based Auto – Response

Methodology – Authentication & Verification

  • After registration on our web site (FortiMates) one can send a verified email from our site.
  • The e-mail will include a face recognition, that can be flashed in order to receive information about the sender.
  • The message will show the time and country of origin of the message that was sent from.
  • In order to learn more about the sender, user must become a client.
  • Once he becomes a client, he will immediately have access to the identity of the sender.

Methodology – Mail Segregation

  • Automated and Secure Email Solution – Email Analytics – Prioritization,  Extraction, Auto-Answering with NLG
  • Support Team managing large number of emails is always challenging
  • Using ML/DL techniques emails can be segregated, summarized, getting inference out of those emails
  • Significant opportunities of time & cost saving, increasing operational efficiency
  • Do sentiment analysis to see +VE and –VE sentiments out of the huge number of emails
  • Contextualize and Prioritize emails – Items need escalation and immediate attention
  • Differentiate transactional and non-transactional emails
  • Create visual dashboard and metrics to get a snapshot view
  • Auto reply Templatized emails using NLG capabilities