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You might wonder how to capture what you have learnt in your college day. The notes prepared in the process of education many a time are the most important reference documents in your life. They form the stepping stone for your career and a basis for your career guidance further. Advancement in your career needs to store and use these notes as and when required.

The contents of the notes prepared to come from various sources like the professors’ lectures, presentations, course materials, reference books and for that matter even snippets from articles, journals and papers.

NotesBuddy allows users to collaborate on ideas based on the notes created, do brainstorming, white boarding and a detailed need analysis. The team can then draw out the product life cycle, the customer experience cycle, the financial modelling, etc. NotesBuddy makes it easy for penning down the pitch deck for any project in its early stage as well as help in the mentoring process for the team’s mentor.

Subsequent fine tuning of the inputs received during whiteboarding ideation can be taken to the next ISF product i.e. MentorBox to get into detailed study wherein one can use the MentorBox tools like White Board, Video Conferencing, Document Manager & File Manager to communicate and collaborate.

NotesBuddy, a product of ISF Analytica & Informatica Pvt. Ltd. has solely been designed and crafted for that purpose. Students who wish to have a repository of their notes created during their education can do so using this application. NotesBuddy gives the flexibility to create, manage and store students’ notes into its repository. A student gets a secured login credential so that his notes are protected and that he can share his notes on his approval to a particular person or a group.

The idea of creating NotesBuddy applications stems from the fact that a budding entrepreneur begins his/ her journey right from the college days. The process of ideation stems from the enthusiasm for doing something unique and different. With a team of friends, the idea gets a good ground and with the emerging technology discussions around it nurtures the idea.

The notes created in the NotesBuddy application gets fine-tuned and much more polished with other detailed study documents during the mentoring process using MentorBox. All in all a student takes his learning from college to build upon a start-up with a great idea and perform a proper design thinking and financial modelling and come up with a great product that is acceptable to the market. A more structured approach helps the team to come up with a product feature based on proper need analysis.