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Introduction to Photoshop’s Tools

1.       Introduction to Photoshop In-Depth: Tools Course

2.       How to Get Adobe Photoshop

3.       Keyboard Shortcuts and Some Quick Shortcut Practice

4.       Printable Handout: Common Keyboard Shortcuts

5.       Download Course Support Files

6.       Creative Cloud and Mac vs. PC

7.       The Move Tool

Selection Tools

1.       The Lasso Tool and Polygonal Lasso Tool

2.       The Magnetic Lasso Tool

3.       The Marquee Selection Tools

4.       The Quick Selection Tool

5.       The Magic Wand Tool

6.       Colour Range Selection

7.       Pen Tool Selections

8.       Quick Mask Selections

9.       Grow and Similar Commands

10.   Modify Selections

11.   Select and Mask Technique – Part 1

12.   Select and Mask Technique – Part 2

13.   Refine Edge

Cropping, Sampling, and Measuring

1.       The Crop Tool

2.       The Perspective Crop Tool

3.       The Slice Tool

4.       The Eyedropper Tool and Colour Sampler Tool

5.       The Ruler, Note, and Count Tools

Photo Corrections

1.       The Healing Brush Tool and Spot Healing Brush Tool

2.       The Patch Tool

3.       The Content-Aware Move Tool

4.       The Red Eye Tool



1.       The Brush Tool

2.       The Pencil Tool

3.       The Colour Replacement Tool

4.       The Mixer Brush Tool

Stamps, History, and Erasing

1.       The Clone Stamp Tool

2.       The Pattern Stamp Tool

3.       The History Brush Tools and Panel

4.       The Eraser, Magic Eraser, and Background Eraser Tools

Gradient and Paint Bucket

1.       The Gradient Tool Part 1

2.       The Gradient Tool Part 2

3.       The Paint Bucket Tool

More Digital Darkroom Tools

1.       The Blur, Sharpen, and Smudge Tools

2.       The Burn Tool and Dodge Tool

3.       The Sponge Tool

Pen and Type Tools

1.       The Pen Tools

2.       The Type Tools

Shape, Hand, and Zoom Tools

1.       The Shape Tools

2.       The Hand Tools and Zoom Tools