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Video Conferencing Tool Whitelabel

Video Conferencing Tool Whitelabel

Videoconferencing (or video conference) means to conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. For example, a point-to-point (two-person) video conferencing system works much like a video telephone.

 1: Visit the Website:

 2: By Clicking on Settings Icon, the user can set up his profile as an initial user.

 3: To start a New Meeting the user must create a room by just assigning a name to the conference room.

 4: By Clicking on GO button the Video Conferencing portal is successfully created.

 5: The Rooms will remain saved of anytime quick call.

6: The Name assigned for the meeting appears on top of the portal screen.

7: To invite people into the Conference room just copy the link (url) and share it to the desired participants. Also you can protect the meeting with a password. You can set the password for other by clicking on the i icon and putting add password and enter and then share that password to only valid guests.

8: There is an option to chat among the participants within the conference.

9: There is also an option to mute and unmute the user’s voice both by individual as well as the host of the meeting.

10: There is an option to show or not show the video of the Users.

11: By taping on the Share Screen option the Participants can share their screen to present their view among the fellow participants.

12: The Raise hand option allows the participants to seek permission from the speaker, ask him to pause or ask him some other question.

13: A toggle view options the four square icon  allows changing the layout of the toggle from  list to tile mode.

14: The Menu option provides many features for the accessibility purpose in the middle of the conference.

  • Manage video qualityOne can adjust the video quality from high to medium to low depending upon the internet connection bandwidth.
  • View full screen – An option to enlarge screen for better viewing experience.
  • Share a YouTube Video – This feature allows the participants to share any material from YouTube for reference and discussion.
  • Blur my Background – To avoid unwanted disturbance from the landscape behind the speaker one can use this feature of blurring the background. It blurs the background behind the speaker by focusing only on the speaker.
  • Settings – Here one can change the profile setup anytime.
  • Mute Everyone – To avoid voiceover from other participants background, the host can mute everyone while he speaker. In need the participants can unmute themself.
  • Speaker status – This provides the speaking time of the participants in minutes and hours.
  • View Shortcuts – This option shows the shortcut keys which can be used to operation specific functions.

15: By taping on the Red button one can end or leave the meeting.